This event is part of the European Maker Week, an initiative promoted by European Commission and implemented by Maker Faire Rome in collaboration with Startup Europe. It's a celebration of makers and innovators all over Europe.

CityOS Brave New World - Makers United

CityOS Brave New World - Makers United

There is something extraordinary happening in the world. Over the last 20 years, the internet and smart phones accelerated innovation exponentially and changed the world as we know it. Now the open hardware movement and $20 trillion internet of things revolution is upon us, yet most of these advances will come from companies that don’t exist today: teams of young entrepreneurs known as startups.

Our sixth season of the “Brave New World” Startups Creation Program will be organized by and held in HUB385’s newly renovated startups co-sharing space in Zagreb. This will be the biggest startup event of its kind in this part of Europe and will engage hundreds of developers, engineers, creatives, makers, hackers, architects, 3D designers and many other professionals and students.

The world’s foremost innovators, will join the local community to develop successful local startups that embrace the latest cutting-edge technology, all while solving real problems of their cities.
The “Brave New World” program starts with the CityOS’s five-day event consisting of a conference, Zero-to-Hero Workshops, and a Challenge hackathon, with the goal of imparting knowledge, motivating developers and other citizens, and finally, developing real-world solutions using the latest tech.

This event sparks interest around smart city IoT, drones, ponics and robotics, and generates local community support, but more importantly, finds the best people capable of building startups that will solve local problems. By the end of the final event, the city and local industries will already have its first functional applications and devices built by its very own.


- Keynote
- Speaker Presentations

- iOS Development
- App Design for IoT
- 3D Device Design
- Drone Automation
- IoT Hydroponics
- Build an IoT Device
- LEGO Robotics (for kids)
- 3D printing 101
- 3D modeling 101
- DIY PCB from scratch
- Make your own game
- 3D scanning workshop

HACKATHON, June 10-12
- Introduction (hackathon theme & rules)
- 48-hour Hackathon
- Project presentations
- Winners announcement

The “Brave New World” kicks off with a conference where the most knowledgable speakers share their expertise and discuss the latest technologies, best practices, and success stories of smart city implementations around the world. We bring together the world's best speakers with practical knowledge to participate as presenters at the event.
Speakers are mostly practitioners, young people themselves, startup founders, and executives in the modern world of smart city IOT, drones, robotics, ponics systems and will discuss topics related to city-level solutions.

The workshops are intensive “Zero to Hero” bootcamps - where in 1 day attendees can learn everything from the basics all the way to building a fully functional application or device.
Workshops will feature the latest and coolest future tech from autonomous drones and hydroponics, to robotics and building your own IoT devices.

The event culminates in a 48-hour hackathon weekend, where developers, engineers, makers, architects, UI/UX designers and others apply everything they learned and join forces to build the best smart city solutions for their challenges using IoT and robotics technology.The hackathon results in multiple functional usable apps and devices. Team projects are presented on Sunday and the winners have often been rewarded with funding for their project or seed money to implement apps on the city level. During the hackathon, we provide mentors, a hardware lab, computers for development of mobile apps, as well as food, drinks and everything else needed by participants.

This event is the sixth season installment of its kind, and consistently delivers successful results and a lasting, tangible impact. To date, over 60 applications and devices were created during these events and more than fifteen different companies were created.


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