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Build your own supercomputer with OmpSs, UDOO and Arduino @ Santa Chiara Lab

Crea il tuo supercomputer con OmpSs, UDOO e Arduino @ Santa Chiara Lab

Makers are revolutionary people that consider the physical world just another brick of a house always under construction. With this workshop we aim at guiding these hackers-at-heart through the setup and configuration of a cluster of UDOO QUAD boards powered by AXIOM’s OmpSs, a programming model developed to build clusters in a simple way and take them to the supercomputer level.

The workshop will explore the following points:

- how to build a low cost, low energy consumption cluster based on 4 or 8 UDOO Quad boards;
- how to use the Arduino-compatible microcontroller of UDOO to manage fans; temperature sensors and LCD displays or LED for feedback;
-how to distribute the computation in a simple way using the OmpSs framework.

The duration of the workshop is 3 hours and is divided in 3 main phases: connecting the hardware, configuring the system, running the distributed algorithms.

The speakers are experts on High Performance Computing and engineers of the UDOO Team.

Università di Siena, member of the AXIOM Project consortium

Santa Chiara Lab
Via Valdimontone, 1
53100 Siena (ITALY)



31/05/2016 18:00

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