This event is part of the European Maker Week, an initiative promoted by European Commission and implemented by Maker Faire Rome in collaboration with Startup Europe. It's a celebration of makers and innovators all over Europe.

Camilo Jose Cela University Maker Fair

Feria Maker de la Universidad Camilo José Cela

MAKERS WORKSHOPS – All day activities – will stop during public events
- 3D Design, Digital Manufacturing, 3D printing experience, understanding basic principles of 3D manipulation and objects’ building, 3D print simple objects, Video snippets will be used to guide them.
- IoT Open source and Physical computing, Interactive electronics experience, Intoino (Arduino) Workshop, understand cloud connection principles, Simple programming rules, Build simple devices with Arduino, Raspberry Pi
- Wearables E-textiles, how wearables work, integrate sensors in clothes, add lights and motion trackers, Sound creation, - wired for sound, Makey Makey studio, Simple programing of vegie keyboard, Programming device with scratch, Using sound plant, Makey Orchestra.
- Media Creation studio, The Sci-fi green screen studio, News bulletin, a Maker review, Green screen studio Photo booth
Mashing Up Taking apart, How Stuff work, disassembling objects, Classifying and identifying components.
- Tinkering, Tinker bench for Kids, Building simple structures with cardboard and wood.
- Robotics and Lego Engineering, Robotics Studio How robots work, Program simple robots, Robot Race competition, Humanoid programming.
- Makers’ kitchen, Molecular Gastronomy workshop, The science behind it, The Maker in a pot experience,
Maker Chef.

Inauguration speech: UCJC authorities,
List of proposed conferences 50 min each – with attendees interactions.
- Yes we Make, Selection of relevant students makers’ experiences of SEK Institution and UCJC.
- In Makers we Trust Head teachers sharing their Maker Spaces experiences.
- Makers beyond the Hype. Stephen Heppell (Virtual conference)
- Making Dreams Happen, the SEKLab Initiative. Jesus Alberto Torres, Felix

Selected Entrepreneurs from Madrid and Spain. Will talk about their personal journey to inspire young people and present some innovative ideas. Activity will be divided into short Sessions 60 min each, 2-3 sessions are considered. Each speaker will have 15 min + 5 min for preparation. If final number of participants is higher than expected we will add an extra day. We have already a list, pendent of approval.

This exhibition will be organized by the makers’ communities of SEK International Schools. Other schools will be invited and Students will present their making ideas and proposals to build a better place to learn and making spaces to develop 21st Century entrepreneurial mindset.

MAKER LINKS –Building a EU collaborative community
Connections with different Maker Spaces in Europe - Synchronised with our list of Makers contacts.
- The activity will show the learning impact of linking educational maker spaces in UK and Denmark (will depend on their academic activities), how students can learn through rich media even with a language barrier is present. Young students will share ideas and presentations. Students will discuss the building process of objects and personal projects for summer holidays.

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Camilo José Cela University

Nº 5, Almagro street, Madrid 28010



01/06/2016 19:00