This event is part of the European Maker Week, an initiative promoted by European Commission and implemented by Maker Faire Rome in collaboration with Startup Europe. It's a celebration of makers and innovators all over Europe.
FabLab FabBox @ Innovation exhibition Ivanić-Grad I3G
FabLab FabBox na Izložbi inovacija Ivanić-Grad I3G
Description: FabLab will join Innovation Exhibition in Ivanić Grad to demonstrate our research and development in field of digital fabrication. We will bring some interesting projects which can demonstrate possibilities of digital fabrication in innovation processes.
This event is organized by: Fablab, association for promoting digital fabrication
Where: Hotel Sport
Etanska ulica
Day: 17/05/2018
Hour: 10:00
End: 18/05/2018 18:00

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