This event is part of the European Maker Week, an initiative promoted by European Commission and implemented by Maker Faire Rome in collaboration with Startup Europe. It's a celebration of makers and innovators all over Europe.
How to use a laser cutter
Cum utilizezi un gravor cu laser
Description: An open workshop to learn how the laser cutter do work and it is addressed to those who want to have practical knowledge on using this type of machine and the vectorial graphic software.

Atelier cu intrarea libera si orientat sepre cunoasterea principiilor de functionare a gravatorului laser. Este adresat celora care doresc sa-si dezvolte abilitati practice in utilizarea acestui tip de echipament si a softului pentru grafica vectoriala.
This event is organized by: FabLab Chișinău
Where: Cahul, bd Victoriei 12
Day: 16/05/2018
Hour: 16:00
End: 16/05/2018 19:00

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