This event is part of the European Maker Week, an initiative promoted by European Commission and implemented by Maker Faire Rome in collaboration with Startup Europe. It's a celebration of makers and innovators all over Europe.
Alternative energy
Alternativna energija
Description: Alternative energy
Solar energy and wind energy
At our event, students will learn to think how we can replace the classic ways to get energy from fossil fuels with solar energy and wind motion energy. We will build windmill models and model solar heaters. The windmill construction will be made of metal and other materials. We will also use 3D modeling and printing techniques. Inthe end we will measure the temperature produced by our solar heater.
This event is organized by: O҆ borovje
Where: Davora Zbiljskog 7
Day: 15/05/2018
Hour: 15:00
End: 15/05/2018 18:00

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