This event is part of the European Maker Week, an initiative promoted by European Commission and implemented by Maker Faire Rome in collaboration with Startup Europe. It's a celebration of makers and innovators all over Europe.
Arduino Day 2018 at the Maddaloni Calatia Makers
Arduino Day 2018 presso il Calatia Makers di Maddaloni
Description: Now in its fifth edition, Arduino Day is the world day in which the community of Arduino organizes events based on this hardware platform that this year also coincides with the first day of the European Maker Week 2018.
This year, for the first time, also Snc: Libero Pensiero, will dedicate an event from 9.30 to 19.00 on Saturday 12 May 2018 to Arduino and the maker's world. In particular at our makerspace Calatia Makers we will organize a day dedicated to makers, students, enthusiasts and curious who want to approach this world and share ideas and passions.
10.00am Presentation.
Initial greetings and introduction to the activities of the day.

10.20 | The Arduino universe.
What is this open-source hardware platform so widespread, what are the differences between the various cards available and how to choose them?

11.00 | No man is an island.
Interacting with the world around us with an overview of sensors and actuators that can be used and some examples of operation, we also see how to put the turbo Arduino thanks to the shields, electronic cards specially developed for the platform that increase the capacity.

-- Coffee break --
12:00 | Presentation of the Smart Bag project.
by Mariella Ferraro of the Snc: Libero Pensiero association

12.30 | Workshop: The IDE of Arduino, from scratch to the first sketch.
We proceed step by step to the installation and configuration of the IDE. We will analyze the skeleton of a sketch to end with the first practical example of 'Hello World!'.

1.30 pm - Lunch Break -
2.30 pm - Start of afternoon activities -
14.30 | Presentation of a self-driven car project
by Enzo Ferraro of the Perlatecnica association

14.50 | Introduction to computational thinking and educational Robotics
by Mauro D'Angelo of the Perlatecnica association

15.15 | mBot an educational tool for computational thinking
By the Perlatecnica association

15.40 | A virtual laboratory.
It is not always possible to have all the components in the design phase available. Let's find out how to use Fritzing to create a virtual laboratory, to document our projects and to prepare our circuit for the production phase.

16.00 | Workshop: create a plant irrigator.
-- Coffee break --
16.45 | Techniques and tools for visual programming.
The potential of arduino is to have simplified access to the world of electronics even to non-employees, let's see how you can further simplify the development by replacing the code writing with a block programming using or visual one thanks to the mBlock project.

17.15 | The world beyond Arduino.
Despite the great versatility of the platform there are occasions when arduino alone is not enough. Let's see how it is possible to integrate arduino with other platforms used in the maker and beyond.

We also find out what may be alternatives to Arduino, by presenting the ST Microelectronics Nucleoboard.

By the Perlatecnica association

17.50 | DuckietownHS: a robotics project for high schools
y Mauro D'Angelo of the Perlatecnica association

6.30 pm - end of activities and greetings -

During the day will be exposed various projects realized by Arduino (and not only) by their creators.

Some of the projects shown are:
- Robotic Arm by Snc: Libero Pensiero association
- mBot by Perlatecnica association
- DuckietownHs by Perlatecnica association
- Smart Bag by Snc: Libero Pensiero association
- Arduino Maze Runner by Bytemotion association
- Self-driven car by Perlatecnica association

For the whole day will be available to locations where anyone can try to 'get their hands dirty' with the world of Arduino and / or ST Nucleo and satisfy their doubts and their curiosity followed by volunteers of the Snc: Libero Pensiero association and from the volunteers of the PerlaTecnica association.
This event is organized by: Snc: Libero Pensiero
Where: Calatia Maker(space)
c/o Snc: Libero Pensiero
Via F. De Angelis, 34
81024 Maddaloni (CE) Italy
Day: 12/05/2018
Hour: 09:00
End: 12/05/2018 19:00

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