This event is part of the European Maker Week, an initiative promoted by European Commission and implemented by Maker Faire Rome in collaboration with Startup Europe. It's a celebration of makers and innovators all over Europe.

FinTech Makers
About us…
Digital StartUP Academy (DSA) in collaboration with FINASTRA are organising the 1st edition ‘FinTech Makers’ conference in Paris, on 23rd October, part of a cross countries makers’ movement having as theme ‘Educate.Innovate.Gooo!’ powered by DSA and held under the initiative European Maker Week 2017.

Event Manifesto…
‘FinTech Makers’ is dedicated to change makers culture and FinTech innovation.
The event brings together different profiles of fintech change makers in order to empower knowledge & latest tech matters sharing, inspiration through power of example, to foster tech education, to promote innovative solutions that create value for people and business, to stimulate courses of actions that lead to further development of education, innovation and business, as well as to ensure collaborative approach and strategic alliances opportunities between local makers (community builders, entrepreneurs, enterprise leaders, investors, officials, academia).
It’s an opportunity to gain visibility and value the role of makers in the development of the startups’ ecosystem.

Audience & Event structure...
‘FinTech Makers’ is expepecting a selected audience of maximum 60 participants and will target key representatives of FinTech corporates, innovators & entrepreneurs, community builders, academia and officials.

The event will be interactive and its agenda features two panel discussions (Makers talks), innovators pitch session and business networking:
Panel1 - FinTech Makers: Shaping the Future
Topics of interest:
Roles and responsibilities: educate, innovate and inspire
Ecosystem relevance: hubs, incubators and entrepreneurship programmes
Hackathons: getting ready for the future

Bakhtier Pulatov, Head of Product Strategy @Finastra
Nelly Gueidan, Telecom ParisTech Incubator
Julien Leroy, Innovation leader at CACIB
Makers Showcasing: Finastra (FusionDetect & FusionBrain)

Panel2: Banks and FinTech - Time to Collaborate
Topics of interest:
From competition to collaboration: are you ready?
The way forward
Collaborate to innovate

Igor Volzhanin, CEO of DataSine
Vincent Rajoo, CEO of Monaize
Yiannis Menelaou, GM of Lykke
Chirine BenZaied, New Venture Development Manager @Finastra

FinTech Solutions – Pitch Time!
A pitch session with startups & innovators pitching their FinTech solutions:
Neuroprofiler - Adam Hotait, InfoTrie - Frederic Georjon, DataSine - Igor Volzhanin, Monaize - Vincent Rajoo, Finastra Open platform - Davide Appiano

Business networking

Participation is on invite only, limitted to 60 seats and event access is free.
We have provided 15 seats for the interested general public, thus hurry up to register via the Tickets link available on the current event page or Meetup link:

Looking forward seeing you all Monday, 23rd October, starting with 4pm at Finastra premises, in Paris!
Digital StartUP Academy
National Partner & Co-Organiser:
Venue: 42 rue de Washington 75008, Paris, FRANCE

Lead Organiser: Digital StartUP Academy (DSA)
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23/10/2017 20:00

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